Aoyue 469 Soldering Station Review

Aoyue 469




  • Fast Heating
  • Temperature Regulation
  • On and Off Switch Button
  • Strong Iron
  • Digital Temperature Indicator


  • Tip Can Fall Out on High Temperatures
  • Power - 98%
  • Quality - 100%
  • Quick Heating - 100%
  • Customer Reviews - 97%
  • Works Properly - 100%

The quality of your repair or mini-construction work depends on the quality of the soldering station that you employ. Quality soldering stations are not easy to come by and there very few companies out there that specify in their manufacture. Aoyue has over the years been a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality soldering products, and this article is dedicated to giving you a concise review of the latest in their soldering station technology called the Aoyue 469 Soldering Station.

So if you are looking to upgrade your soldering workstation or start a new construction project, then you need to follow every detail contained in this Aoyue 469 review.

Aoyue 469 Features and Specifications

The Aoyue 469 is an upgrade of all the previous components of a standard soldering station and is also designed to be a suitable soldering companion throughout your construction or project period. The Aoyue 469 has amazing specifications and features that will beat those of your former workstation such as variable power with 60 Watt capacity, a unique removable tip design ESD safe, Long life ceramic heat element with a temperature of 200-400 degree Celsius. These features ensure a robust automatic temperature control capability which is usually absent from most soldering workstation design.

The Aoyue 469 also comprises of 469 iron, iron stand, and a solder spool and sponge, although the complete package of the item doesn’t contain a solder, local tools shops should have solder in abundance, and that quickly solves the minor setback. The Aoyue 469 tips are fantastic which gives you the liberty to choose from 50 different tip sizes in whatever way they suit your project or construction needs. Aoyue 469 replacement tips are readily available from the multi-sized 50 Aoyue tips available in the package, also Hakko Station 900M 933 tips are also known to fit the product. No battery is included in the entire package, and no battery is actually needed as you will only need an external source of power supply whenever you require the services of the soldering station.

Since the release of the Aoyue 469, it has successfully gathered an overall 4.5 rating from customers who have used the product over time and had say about it.

Iron HolderRatings and review range from excellence in pricing to quality in product design which includes:

  • Power on and off button which eliminates the stress of having to plug in your solder all the time.
  • Very robust and impressive iron for the soldering process.
  • Excellent temperature regulation and control.
  • Very good iron holder.
  • A visible digital temperature representation and lots more.

The Aoyue 469 deserves a full five stars, but some features still need upgrading in the new edition of the product which will ensure a smoother user experience. The complete product package consists of an Aoyue 469 variable power 60 WATTS Soldering station with 50 multi-sized replacement tips, a user manual for both experienced users and beginners. There are no batteries because batteries are not required for the functioning of the soldering station. Aoyue 469 is available for purchase on Amazon and other reputable online stores at the regulated price which may include other additional benefits like free shipping, warranty and lots more.

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