DeWalt D26950 Heat Gun Review

DeWalt D26950




  • Large temperature range
  • A lot of customers bought it
  • No big issues
  • Medium price


  • No LCD display
  • Hard temperature control
  • Only few tips in package
  • No case
  • Power - 95%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Quick Heating - 95%
  • Customer Reviews - 97%
  • Works Properly - 93%

DeWalt D26950

DEWALT D26950 heat gun

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Do we need a reliable heat gun in our garage?

If you also need one, you should check out DeWalt D26950 heat gun. This tool can be used by professionals and those who like to play in a garage or outdoor as a hobby. This product is lightweight and less than 2 pounds. 10-foot length power cord makes this product easy to use. Great offer by the manufacturer is that you have 90 days money back guarantee, 1-year free service and 3 years of warranty on all defects. Package includes D26950 heat gun, cone nozzle, fishtail surface nozzle, and operating instructions.

DeWalt D26950 Specifications

This item is 1550W powered, and it can heat up to 120ºF and 1100ºF. It makes a large temperature range for all kind of jobs. Temperature is easily controlled by heat settings, and temperature itself is very stable. It has built-in features like overload protection that shuts the heating element down and prevents to burn up. Innovative kickstand support provides greater stability and prevents tip over. It has a built-in hang ring, which adds a convenient storage feature. Voltage is standard 120V, Amperage 13, Air volume (cu. ft./min.) 16. With this specification, you can see if this product fits your needs. The primary specification of heat guns are temperature, and I think D26950 has good temperature range and power.

Customer opinion

DeWalt D26950 get a super good rating on Amazon and that proves that this product is good. Of course, nothing can be perfect and only cons could be some manufacturing issues but DeWalt offers you warranty and you do not have to worry about that. If you have problems you contact them and they will replace with new one. This is how comments look like:

  • Very good quality, simply Dewalt.
  • Price is great for this quality
  • Works very well. I wish it has a case.
  • Works as expected. You will be satisfied with it.

Our recommendations

DeWalt is a brand of quality and this tool proves that. It is often used, and the warranty is good for three years. No issues, awesome for doing all kind of jobs. The heat gun is one of the most exciting tools in the garage. You can use it for removing paint, burning all kind of materials, removing stickers and so on. But not only for garage or housekeeping jobs, but this tool is also for professional use too. DeWalt D26950 is often used for car repairing and service. This heat gun is all that you need.

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