Genesis GHG1500A – Affordable Heat Gun

Genesis GHG1500A




  • Dual Temperature Heat Gun
  • High-Quality Material
  • Certified for United States Usage
  • Simple to Use


  • Not for 24/7 Usage
  • Power - 95%
  • Quality - 78%
  • Quick Heating - 77%
  • Customer Reviews - 82%
  • Works Properly - 97%

Genesis GHG1500A can be sued for many things. The company made an extremely affordable heat gun that everyone can afford. And the usage of this heat gun is exceptionally functional. You can use this gun to remove varnish or even paint. With just applying the heat and using deflector nozzles you can remove the unwanted paint and varnish without a single problem. You can also use GHG1500A to remove putty or soften caulkings. The usage of a heat gun is very wide, you can use it to lose some rusted nuts and bolts or merely using a heat gun to dry the surface. You can use it to dry cement or any other damp surface that needs drying.

Heat Gun Genesis

Genesis GHG1500A With Add-Ons

Genesis GHG1500A Features

Genesis put a powerful motor that can deliver heat in two settings, 1500W and 750W. Two settings are very useful because some heating jobs will require higher power than others. And some of the jobs are very sensitive to heat and need less power, then you use 750W.

Design of this heat gun is simple, and without a problem, you will be able to use it in one hand. In case you need to use two hands on an item then you can set the heat gun on an integrated stand. Most of the jobs will be easy to do, and you won’t feel any fatigue even if you work with the gun for hours.

The GHG1500A comes with nozzles and protect glasses. Deflector nozzles are very useful in many situations. With the gun, you will also get one reflector nozzle and one air reduction nozzle. All of this nozzles are important especially if you are doing various type of heating.

Genesis is a US based seller, and they give you two years warranty for home usage. You can be safe about using GHG1500A because the heat gun has passed all the test and is listed on UL as well as it is ETL certified. These certificates prove that the heat gun is perfectly safe to be used and sold in the United States.


Genesis Removing Putty


For whatever reason you are looking for a heat gun, GHG1500A is one of the right choices. Not only this heat gun is affordable, but also it has extensive usage. You can heat charcoal with it or remove paint, whatever you choose to do this gun will be able to provide. The only disadvantage that I can think of is that this is a product for home usage, meaning you will not be able to use it 24/7, after all, it produces heat and the engine needs to rest. If you bought, or you tested this heating gun model, please write your opinion in the comment box below.

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