Kawasaki 840015 Heat Gun Kit

Kawasaki 840015




  • Affordable Price
  • Overall Good Reviews
  • Low and high temperature



  • Quality is not great
  • Plastic could be more stronger
  • You need to cool it after long use
  • Power - 90%
  • Quality - 83%
  • Quick Heating - 87%
  • Customer Reviews - 86%
  • Works Properly - 89%

About Kawasaki 840015 Heat Gun

Kawasaki 840015 is an affordable heat gun kit. The heat gun kit includes heat gun, few tips, scraper handle with three scraper heads. Like most of the heat guns, it provides dual heat temperature. It is an affordable heat gun, and it has lower quality. The case of the heat gun is not very good so be careful and do not drop it. The best feature of this heat gun is price, and I need to say it is a low price. This Kawasaki heat gun is a great hand tool for home or garage use, and it can serve you well. If you want to do some severe and longer job, then it will not work so good, and I recommend you to check DeWalt D26960K heat gun kit.

Kawasaki 840015 heat gun kit

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Kawasaki 840015 Specifications

Some detail specifications are not available, and the main specification is 12.5 amp motor. As I said it has two heat settings low and high. Low temperature has the power of 1000W and 700ºF temperature. High temperature has 1500W power and 920ºF temperature. See below some examples where can be used a high and low temperature.

High temperature can be utilized for:

  • Stripping automotive paint
  • Defrosting freezer
  • Removing Formica or linoleum
  • Softening caulking

Low temperature can be used for:

  • Heating shrink wrap
  • Shrinking window coverings
  • Defrosting frozen pipes
  • Waxing skis

Customer reviews

There are different reviews on Amazon for Kawasaki 840015. One of them is excellent with recommendations, and other is that this product has not fulfilled their expectations. They are complaining about the quality of the tool. Also, that tool worked for only a few months. Yes maybe it used to work for two months but this is not a high-quality heat gun, and if you use it hard it will be damaged undoubtedly. I and some customers recommend you to cool it after a few minutes use. Check out some customer reviews

  • I used it for a couple of smaller jobs and it did the job.
  • I like this product and I recommend it.
  • You can use it to repair some very small things.
  • It gets hot very fast and handles every task.


Kawasaki 840015 is a magnificent heat gun for this money. Perfect for repairing different types of accessories and electronics. It will work fine for home use and the price is very affordable. Product came with ten accessories, and you do not need to worry about buying them afterward. I recommend it, and it has an excellent rating on Amazon. If you buy this, cool it after few minutes of using to prevent damages.

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