PACE ADS200 AccuDrive High Powered Soldering Station





  • All Metal Construction
  • Easy to use
  • Preset Temperatures Available
  • Safety Measures
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • New AccuDrive Control technology


  • Not for Professional Use 24/7
  • Power - 87%
  • Quality - 89%
  • Quick Heating - 85%
  • Customer Reviews - 87%
  • Works Properly - 88%

PACE ADS200 Accudrive soldering station is a high powered station that comes with TD-200 Tip-heater cartridge iron. This 120 watts high-power but affordable soldering station is the best equipment or tool for electronics engineers, techs, cell-phone repairers, Do it Yourself (DIY) and production solder techs. This powered soldering station features the outstanding TD-200 Tip-Heater Cartridges include a precise sensor with a strong heater that delivers around 120 watts of untainted power (Note: Tips not added). The ADS200 contains a strong, rugged all-metal construction that includes soldering iron with burn-resistant wire, housing, and a tool stand.

The 120-watt output Pace ABS200 AccuDrive High-powered Soldering Station features:

  • Iron stays cool, even after using the soldering station for longer hours.
  • Rough, all-metal structure.
  • 3 user storage with apparent temperature presets.
    Soldering Station

    Pace ADS200 Soldering Station

How PACE ADS200 Works:

PACE ADS200 uses a new AccuDrive Technology that allows the user to set highly-accurate and direct temperatures without changing any calibrate or cartridges. It uses the advanced electronics that offers instant load sensing and on-application power to swiftly reflow solder joints at low secured temperatures, despite the collection of the application.

Supreme Results:

PACE ADS200 AccuDrive soldering station delivers consistent results repeatedly in both heavy and light-use environments and offers the flexibility to the operator, which is very essential especially in today’s challenging production operations. In spite of your application, the soldering station delivers outstanding thermal productivity, performance, and helps you save a lot of money. ADS200 AccuDrive constantly checks tip temperature and provides immediate on-demand power and load sensing to rapidly reflow solder joints at safe, low-temperatures without using the calibrate.

TD-200 AccuDrive Tip-Heater Cartridge Iron: Under its smooth dimensions, easy functional design and cool touch, the TD-200 AccuDrive Tip-Heater Cartridge Iron make constant soldering production effortlessly.

AccuDrive Tip-Heater Cartridges: The Tip-heater cartridge offers precise tip-temperatures, high-capacity heating, and instant recovery/heat-up all at safe low temperatures.

Cool Touch Grip: The aluminum handle is safe, comfortable and keeps it cool even with extended production usage.

Resourceful & Flexible: The soldering station works safely on sensitive flex circuits like 0201 or on the highest application, lead-free PCBs

Burn-Resistant Cord: It comes with an ESD-safe cord that is flexible and soft and holds direct touch with hot tips. Ultra-Short Tip-to-Grip: Less than 1.9 inch/48mm for exact altitude operator dexterity when utilized under a microscope or magnifier. Functional

Design and Comfortable: Lightweight and slim, considerably reduces operator fatigue, grip stress, and improves productivity.

ESD-Safe Design: The TD-200 protects your ESD sensitive devices from tip to the end of the wire

Power On, Start and Solder: Insightful and simple to operate, just plug it, switch it on, and start the temperature using the blue/red arrow key and start soldering, the best part is no training needed.

Secure Stacking: AccuDrive ADS200, supplies power stack safely to protect precious bench space

Soldering Station Pace ADS200

Pace Ads200 box

3 Preset Temperatures and More: It allows you to set three different user-definable preset temperatures. It also includes other programmable features like Digital Display in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Auto-off Definable OTR (Operating Temperature Range), Password lockout, and more. The new TD-200 Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering Station offers smooth and functional features that come with the aluminum handle provided to keep comfortable and cool during longer-hours of usage. The lightweight and thin handle reduces operator exhaustion and grip stress considerably. The small tip-to-grip, less than 1.9inches/48mm offers exact operator agility under a microscope or magnifier. The BSTHC (Blue Series Tip Heater Cartridges) includes a high precision sensor with a strong heater that delivers up to 120 watts of power in one affordable tip cartridge. It allows you to select any temperature without changing the cartridge. Also, it allows you to quickly swap cartridges when it is hot and set the desired temperature with 5 to 10 seconds.

High Collection Lead-Free PCB’s: The high-performance tips use advanced tip geometries and enhanced thermal pipeline to carry maximum heat and allow quick reflow on the largest thermally challenging mass lead-free PCB’s.

Hot-Swappable, Fast Connect Tips: QCTH Cartridges can be swapped quickly even when it is still hot without switching off the power, and obtain set temperatures in just five to ten seconds.

What’s in the Box?

PACE ADS200 AccuDrive Soldering Station kit comes with computed power supply, Tip and Tool Stand with Sponge and Brass Wool Cleaner, TD-200 Tip-Heater CSI (Cartridge Soldering Iron). Also, it includes Tip tool for replacement and removal of cold or hot tips, line cord, heat resistant TRP (Tip Replace Pad), and Manual for quick-start.

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PACE ADS200 AccuDrive High Powered Soldering Station
PACE ADS200 AccuDrive High Powered Soldering Station 1

PACE ADS200 Accudrive soldering station is a high powered station that comes with TD-200 Tip-heater cartridge iron. This 120 watts high-power but affordabl

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