Best Portable Mini Heat Gun – NTE HG 300D





  • very simple to use
  • use low energy, very economical
  • small space requirement


  • not for professional jobs
  • too small for long usage
  • too weak for high usage

Some years ago, when heat guns hit the market, specifically for soldering and generally for many other famous works, no one had thought that how useful they would be on performing such demanding jobs. And now, mini versions of the heat guns are in the market, extinguishing the old heavy duty heat guns with their many features like durability, size, design, lightness and more importantly their portability. They can be carried anywhere without much effort.

NTE HG 300D is top of the line Mini Heat Gun with all the features and specifications which you can aspire for in your heat gun. It is stylish, it is lightweight, it is small in size and most of the all it is durable and portable. It is made for use in all conditions and working environments. Following are its specifications, features, pros, and cons so you can decide that how good and useful this product is.

Heat gunNTE HG 300D Mini Heat Gun Specifications:

  • The weight of heat gun is 11.2 ounces, which makes it easy to use and carry.
  • Dimensions are 8*1.8*1.8 inches.
  • It comes in blue color and stylish design with a stand on its bottom so that you don’t have to hold it all the time and can rest it on the surface.
  • NTE HG 300D requires 115 volts and 350 watts to work properly. These are really economical conditions regarding your electricity bill.


  • Mini Heat Gun features 2 speeds for quite an operation and best performance making it more versatile. You can set your required speed on it.
  • It also has two temperature setting. You can use it at a low temperature of +482 degree Fahrenheit (+250 degree centigrade) and can go as high as +662 degree Fahrenheit (+350 degree centigrade).
  • It is built in bracket for self-support and tabletop use.


It is a multifunctional mini heat gun which can be used for many purposes like:

  • You can solder plumbing joints in seconds.
  • It can be used to dry paints, varnishes, glues, and inks.
  • It can soft the adhesives.
  • Embossing can be done with this.
  • Plastic pipes can be formed or shaped with it.
  • It can be used to lose rusty nuts and bolts.
  • It can quickly shrink the plastic film like performing heat shrink work on audio-visual cabling.


As all the products do have some shortcoming, NTE HG300D mini heat gun does not have serious cons but do have some warnings to give. Following precautionary measures should be taken while using this heat gun like:

  • Do not use it near flammable material.
  • Never cover the air inlet grills as the airflow is restricted, the heat gun will overheat and can catch fire.
  • Do not touch the nozzle with anything if it is hot like clothing and skin.
  • Do not use for stripping lead-based paints.
  • Do not look down the nozzle or insert anything down the nozzle while its own.
  • Take good care of the gun while drying the pain and do not let any paint stick to the nozzle of the gun.

It is available in the market at a very reasonable price. It is the best option, and it definitely fulfills all your working tasks.
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