SOAIY 60W Soldering Iron Kit

SOAIY 60 W Soldering Iron Kit




  • A great value of price and quality
  • Good temperature
  • Comes with different accessories
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use


  • It is not a brand name
  • You need to buy more wire
  • It is not for professionals
  • Power - 93%
  • Quality - 92%
  • Quick heating - 93%
  • Customer reviews - 97%
  • Works properly - 94%

About SOAIY Soldering Iron Kit

If you are looking for some cheap starter soldering iron, then this product that can solve your problems. Every beginner who is looking for soldering iron try to find as cheaper as possible tools but still with some quality. Reasons are simple he may like soldering and then, later on, he can buy some better soldering equipment or he may not like it and put it somewhere in the garage. This soldering kit provides you everything needed for soldering including a soldering iron, solder wire, case, stand with the sponge, desoldering pump and six iron tips. Could it be better? It is not brand quality soldering iron but it will do the job surely.

SOAIY 60W Specifications

One of the standards is that this tool comes with case, and that can save it in many cases. This soldering kit is for rare use maybe few times in weeks and when you have it in case it will get hardly damaged. But let talk about original specifications. The power of 60W gives you a lot of possibilities; you can solder hard wires too. If the tool is strong, then it will heat up fast, and that is the main specification of every soldering iron. The maximum temperature of 450ºC is more than enough. With that temperature, you can solder and desolder whatever you want very quickly. If maximum temperature is lower than 450º it could do the job. Everything between 400-420ºC is good.

The soldering grip is excellent, and it will not cause any problems during work. Also, desoldering pump and every piece of this kit have no issues. It looks really cool with blue-black colors.

Soaiy Soldering Iron kit includes.

Customer Reviews

Customers are delighted, and they give a high rating. This item is selling very fast for one soldering iron. I think it is because of the price. Price is very affordable to everyone. There are no bad reviews that I need to point. I cannot say anything that is not mentioned in the reviews so check some of them:

  • Item is as it is described.
  • It is the product for DIYers. It worked for all of my needs.
  • I started to solder with this kit and it worked.
  • Plenty of accessories makes this product one of my favorite power tools.


With reviews like this, it can only be recommended. But nothing is perfect, so if you did some serious soldering job, I would not recommend it. It is better to go with some more expensive brand name iron. If you are DIYer, beginner or someone who will use it a few times in a week, you will not find a better kit for this price on the market. I hope this review of SOAIY soldering kit was helpful.

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