Soldering Circuit Board Guide and Mistakes

In this post, I will write some tips for soldering circuit board. Soldering circuit boards are probably the hardest soldering tools. Soldering where you need to be focused all the time. With the small mistake, you can damage the board and immediately it will be unusable. Not only good concentration is needed but also you need good tools. You should set temperature that is easiest for you to solder. If you have the experience, you will probably set a higher temperature.

If you are a beginner, then you will maybe start with lower temperature. Also, you need to keep soldering tips clean which is crucial. If you leave black flecks on the connections, it can cause problems.

Some of the circuit boards are more sensitive than others, and it is important to make quick connections. To make fast connections, you need good soldering wire. I recommend you to buy soldering wire that has a different thickness. When you solder different boards, you will find out which wire to use.

I cannot define which soldering wire is best for different boards. It depends on the tips and the temperature. Try different wires, temperature, and tips to get the best and cleanest connections.

Tools for soldering circuit board


Basic Soldering on Circuit Board

If you want to do a serious job with circuit boards, then you should consider buying helping hand for soldering. It will get your job easier, and I cannot imagine myself soldering without it. But for the start, you can try without helping hand but be careful you can quickly sear your finger.

Another thing that you can do is to clean the circuit board when you start soldering. It will not have the same effect on board that you need to repair and those that you made manually. Commonly when you need to repair board you change few components, and it will still work well. But when you are making own PCB that you designed you need to make good quality. So if the board is not cleaned it often cause adverse flow. Basic soldering tips on a circuit board are to keep your tools clean and ready to use, and you have done half of the job.

soldering circuit board

Soldering Circuit Board Mistakes

The soldering circuit board is very sensitive as I said, and mistakes are often. When you mess up, you need to fix it. The easiest way to fix it is to use a desoldering pump. You need to be fast when you want to desolder some components. If you keep soldering iron on board too much, it will burn up the circuit board. Also, it can cool down. To avoid that retain the iron in one hand and desoldering pump in left and near to connection that you want to remove.

If you make your own circuit board be sure that holes for components are precisely drilled. When you drill bigger holes, it needs more solder to make connections, and you risk burning circuit board during soldering. It is not the only problem, a lot of solder on a small board can impede current flow, and sensitive components get damaged often.

These are the main tips for beginners, and soon I will write more about intermediate tips for soldering circuit board.

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