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Weller WES51 Soldering Station Review

About Weller WES51 Almost everyone who likes soldering has heard about Weller company and Weller quality. It is one of the most popular brands for soldering tools. One of their most known products is WES51, and it is used by thousands of happy customers. In my opinion, it …

Weller WLC100 Soldering Station Review

About Weller WLC100 Analog Weller soldering station WLC100 is the best seller on Amazon. Weller quality and effort again delighted their customers all around the world. This station includes everything for soldering. It is compatible with experienced and new technicians. Package includes a soldering iron, ST3 tip, and …

Weller SP40NKUS Soldering Iron Review

About Weller SP40NKUS Soldering iron SP40NKUS is one of the best selling soldering iron on the market. Good and affordable price for soldering iron will simply force you to buy. It is good Weller quality soldering iron with great durability. Package of 40W contains Iron with MT10, 6mm …

Weller 8200PKS Soldering Gun Review

About Weller Soldering Gun 8200PKS Another great product by Weller, Weller 8200PKS took the first position as best selling soldering gun on Amazon. The product is manufactured in Mexico. The quality of Weller and guaranteed warranty of 7 years make this product best seller soldering gun. Supplied tips …

Weller D650 and Weller D650PK Review

Weller D650 We bring you a review of Weller D650 heavy duty soldering gun. Weller D650PK is actually soldering kit, and it includes Weller D650 as the main tool. This tool is high powered. It can be used for various types of soldering, and it is most used …

Weller WP35 Soldering Iron Review

Weller WP35 If you are looking for professional soldering iron with high quality, then we recommend you to check out Weller WP35. This amazing soldering iron from Weller company is a very reliable choice. Weller is always a good choice because this company is a professional brand in …