Weller D650 and Weller D650PK Review

Weller D650




  • High power
  • Great quality
  • 6 seconds heating
  • Case (D650PK)
  • Long life tips


  • You often need to fix a screw
  • Expensive tips
  • Little large
  • Needs often tips cleaning
  • Power - 95%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Quick Heating - 95%
  • Customer Reviews - 92%
  • Works Properly - 93%

Weller D650

We bring you a review of Weller D650 heavy duty soldering gun. Weller D650PK is actually soldering kit, and it includes Weller D650 as the main tool. This tool is high powered. It can be used for various types of soldering, and it is most used in manufacturing and industry. It has seven years of warranty, and it is very attractive to buyers because of a long life period. This tool takes about 6 seconds to heat up and be ready to use. The tool had pistol grip design and the product is not heavy for soldering. Product weight is about 3.4 pounds.Weller D650 Soldering gun

Weller D650 Specifications

It is 120V voltage input available and two wattage power 200W and 300W. High power made this product so popular and used a lot. Heating is very quickly for about 6 seconds. Temperature range is 1100ºF and 900ºF. Supplied tips are 7250, 6150, 6160. Weller D650 has the highest power output of all Weller soldering guns. Also, has fingertip heat selector and heat-resistant thermoplastic housing for comfort and control. Weller has been making this gun for a long time, so their hard work is in this tool. All specifications are good, and it works very well. If you want high output, you set to trigger in 1st position or low output in the 2nd trigger position. These are the main specifications of product check out recommendations and customer review in further text.

Customer opinion

This product has a good rating on Amazon. Weller D650 has a very good rating, and Weller D650PK has an even better rating. The customer usually says they are happy, and this is an excellent tool. Comments and reviews are something like this and customers are satisfied with it.

  • I like this soldering gun and it works well. I have had Weller guns that worked for decades.
  • Great soldering gun and it is built for long using
  • It heats quickly and works well. A trigger is soft and easy to use.
  • You can work very fast with it.
  • I like it and recommend it, to everyone.

Weller D650PK soldering kit

Our opinion

Weller is a worldwide brand and one of the best company for soldering equipment. If you are looking for a reliable soldering gun, I highly recommend you Weller D650. There are a lot of tips available. The excellent industrial quality tool will make you delighted. For those who look out for long life period tool, high power, good quality and on top of that reliable, Weller D650 is definitely the best choice.

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