Weller WLC100 Soldering Station Review

Weller WLC100




  • Low price
  • Good tips
  • Easily controlled temperature
  • Foam grip
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • No LCD display
  • Without hot air gun
  • Medium power
  • Power - 88%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Quick Heating - 92%
  • Customer Reviews - 96%
  • Works Properly - 93%

About Weller WLC100

weller wlc100

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Analog Weller soldering station WLC100 is the best seller on Amazon. Weller quality and effort again delighted their customers all around the world. This station includes everything for soldering. It is compatible with experienced and new technicians. Package includes a soldering iron, ST3 tip, and base unit with built-in iron stand. It is lightweight product 1.7 pounds which allow you easy control of the iron.

This 40-Watt soldering station features a cushioned foam grip with a replaceable heating element. This product is ideal for hobbyist, do-it-yourselves, and students. WLC100 serves people more than ten years which again approve quality. The imperfection of WLC100 could be analog controlling of temperature. All the best selling soldering stations use a digital display. But some people like the old school style. Analog controlling has some advantages like durability and it is very hard to damage.

Weller WLC100 Specifications

You can turn it on with On/Off switch with power-on indicator light. It has variable power control, and it is producing 5W to 40W so you can quickly choose a power that you like or speed of soldering you like. Iron is quality and lightweight with cushioned foam grip with a replaceable heating element. You can easily work a long time without hurting, and foam grip allows that Station does not heat too much after hours of working. My advice to you is: switch off often your station and prevent overheating and tips burning. Sometimes it causes significant problems in soldering and for connections. Station Includes iron-plated copper tip, safety guard iron holder, and natural sponge tip cleaning pad. Temperature range is 900ºF, voltage input, and output is 120V. Specifications of WLC100 are splendid and they provide you whatever you want to do with soldering station and price is a good offer too.

Customer Reviews of Weller WLC100

This soldering stations is number 1 on Amazon and has a very high rating with approximately 700 reviews, and that number only raise. 700 reviews is a very big number for soldering stations. A lot of customers think that this is the best station they have used, and it is surely true. They like light adjusting power which is, in my opinion, best feature. Check out some reviews that I selected for you:

  • It is a good station for beginners like me. I am delighted with quality but the price is my favorite feature of this item.
  • It is easy to use and you can adjust the temperature as you want.
  • I can not complain about anything it works as described.
  • It worked great for me and I learn to solder. I recommend it because of the price and quality.

weller wlc100


Weller WLC100 is the best choice for hobbyist and DIY-ers. The tool is easily used including power and temperature. Power is one of best features for beginners in soldering. It is analog controlled. WLC100 price and quality are the best offers on the market. Thousands of people bought it, and 95% are happy and satisfied with it. I highly recommend this station, and everyone should try it so do not wait, go to Amazon and pick one for yourself.


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