Yihua 853D Soldering Station Review

Yihua 853D




  • Affordable price
  • Rework station
  • Many accessories
  • Little noise
  • Very sensitive temperautre


  • Non-brand
  • Hot air gun heats slower
  • Power - 98%
  • Quality - 98%
  • Quick Heating - 100%
  • Customer Reviews - 100%
  • Works Properly - 100%

About Yihua 853D

Yihua 853D soldering rework station comes with many different accessories. In the package, you get 11 tips for a soldering iron and four tips for a heat gun. They are suitable for any type of soldering and reworking.

Yihua is not a brand name in the soldering industry. Should that effect on buying this product? I think it is a silly reason because this model is shown as excellent, durable and easy to use. Also, the important thing is the price. The price is more than affordable and for the similar brand name soldering station, you will need 450-500$.

Yihua 853D Specifications

This soldering station is more expensive than some others that we reviewed. But it is cheap for similar quality models.

What are the advantages of Yihua 853D?

One of the benefits is the reworked station. You have the available soldering iron and hot air gun. Both of them works excellent and very precisely. Soldering iron temperature is digitally controlled. For the hot air gun, you have analog control. It has advanced SMD technology which allows you better temperature control. SMD is necessary for those who will solder some smaller and more sensitive components. If you are buying this range price station, then you probably need SMD.

Hot air gun power is 800W and works between 90ºC and 480ºC. It is suitable for shrink heating, paint drying, adhesive removal, warming, plastic welding. And primary use for soldering rework.

Soldering iron power is 60W, and you can heat it up to 200ºC and 480ºC. 60W power allows fast heating, and up to 480ºC can do any soldering job very quickly (you will not need temperature higher than 420ºC).

One of the greatest features for me is low noise because it helps you to concentrate. Also, it is ESD safe and keeps your boards and components from burning.Yihua 853d Soldering Station Package

Customer Reviews

Rating is almost 5 and it deserves to be one of the best stations on the market. Quality is magnificent, and everyone is satisfied, and the tool has no issues. On Amazon are great reviews and some of the professional repairers say that this station is the best they have ever used. It heats up quickly, holds temperature as you set. Check out some reviews on Amazon.

  • This soldering station works like brand-name stations over 300$
  • I was working with stations over 500$ but this one is good as they are and still cheaper a lot.
  • It is a crazy good price.


Yihua 853D is surely the best non-brand soldering station. I can say that it is better than some of the station twice expensive. The More important thing is that customers are satisfied, and they recommend it too. With this tool, you can solder tiny components because it is very sensitive and stable. For this money is the best value on the market. If you have confusions, I recommend you to read all of the reviews on the Amazon. Overall this tool is perfect for this price, and I recommend buying it.

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