Soldering Stations, Guns, Iron and Heat Guns

Soldering is the process of melting and joining two or more components in one. We do that by melting and putting filler metal with a low melting temperature on the component. Filler metal is usually a compound of tin and lead. But there are different types of tools for soldering. You can do soldering on PCB, wires, various electronic components, soldering pipes, and so on.

As you can see, you can solder the smaller and the bigger parts. One tool cannot do all jobs. See below at the tables of the best soldering equipment, descriptions, and types of soldering tools.

Best Soldering Stations

Aouye 968a+ soldering stationzeny 852D+ Soldering Stationweller wlc100
Aouye 968a+ Zeny 852D+Weller WLC100
70 W60 W40 W
Rework stationRework stationContain just soldering iron
ESD safeESD safeNon ESD safe
High priceMedium priceLow price
Full reviewFull reviewFull review

Aouye 968a+

High-price soldering station but with awesome quality. It is a rework station and includes a soldering iron with a smoke absorber, a hot air gun, and many accessories. It is my favorite soldering station for this money. I think the best thing about Aouye 968a+ is that you can solder and rework whatever you want. Quality is more than good.

Zeny 852D+

A medium price range is suitable for this product. Aouye 968a+ is better and stronger, but 852D+ has great features, and it absolutely deserves a second place on soldering station ranking. It is a rework station that produces very small noise, heats up to 480C with a stability of 1C. It is a great offer.

Weller WLC100

Old school soldering station without a rework station. It includes only soldering iron and power supply. This product is great for hobbyists and DIY soldering enthusiasts. Analog controlling of power, lightweight, and stable temperature are some of the features of WLC100. The low price that is available to anyone makes this product one of the best sellers.

Best Soldering Irons

Hakko FX601-02Weller WP35 Soldering IronWeller sp40nkus
Hakko FX601-02Weller WP35Weller SP40NKUS
67 W35 W40 W
Temperature controlled Not temperature controlledNot temperature controlled
Tip temperature: 1004 °FTip temperature: 750 °FTip temperature: 900 °F
High priceMedium priceLow price
Full reviewFull reviewFull review

Hakko FX601-02

Hakko takes first place without competition. This soldering iron is almost good as a soldering station. It has temperature control and high power 67W. It is extremely easy to use. It provides a temperature of 540ºC, and the temperature is very stable. Rapidly heating and high quality is some of the features that make FX601-02 a great buy.

If you look to get a whole all-in-one package, then I can highly recommend checking out Hakko FX-888D; it also has powerful soldering iron.

Weller WP35

Weller WP35 is a professional soldering iron with a power of 35W. The main features are stable temperature, lightweight, and easy-to-use good tips. It is the best offer for the medium-range price soldering iron.

Weller SP40NKUS

Weller SP40NKUS is an awesome choice for beginners. SP40NKUS is available in 2 sizes, 25W and 40W. It has a very low price, and it is worth every penny. If you are new, try soldering with 25W size but have in mind that it is very low power. If you want a stronger size for some more serious soldering, then buy 40W.

Best Soldering Guns

Soldering gun LG400CWeller D650 Soldering gunweller 8200pks Soldering Gun
Wall Lenk LG400CWeller D650Weller 8200PKS
400 W300 W140 W
Dual heat settings Dual heat settings Dual heat settings
Fast heatingGood heatingFast heating
High priceMedium priceLow price
Full reviewFull reviewFull review

Wall Lenk LG400C

Wall Lenk LG400C is a professional heavy-duty soldering gun with dual wattage settings. Ideal for use on automobiles, appliances, motors, generators, electrical wiring, and sheet metal. I think it is the best on the market because of its power, quality, and extremely lightweight pistol grip. This weight is not standard, and when you switch from heavier models, you will be surprised how better it is.

Weller D650

Excellent soldering gun from Weller takes second place. LG400C is stronger and easier to use than D650, so that is the reason why it is D650 second. Quality is great; a 7-years warranty approves how Weller is a serious and excellent manufacturer. Customers like this product and say it is one of the best.

Weller 8200PKS

Weller 8200PKS is a similar product to D650 only difference is in power. The shape is the same as D650. It is a low price gun with good specifications.

Best Heat Guns

Package of DEWALT D26960KDEWALT D26950 heat gunBlack & Decker hg1300
DeWalt D26960KDeWalt D26950Black & Decker HG1300
1550 W1550 W1350 W
Three-year warranty Three-year warrantyTwo-year warranty
1100 °F1100 °F1000 °F
High priceMedium priceLow price
Full reviewFull reviewFull review

DeWalt D26960K

D26960k is the best heat gun. It comes in a case with 12 different accessories, mostly tips. Also, a great feature is an LCD display which allows you to heat different materials at the perfect temperature. It heats up quickly, great quality, and prices are affordable.

DeWalt D26950

DeWalt D26950 is a similar product to D26960K; it comes without a case, and the quality is slightly worse. It has a great rating of 4.7 on Amazon. 3 years warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee makes this tool safe to buy. If you are looking for a medium-price heat gun, check this one out.

Black & Decker HG1300

Great offer for hobbyists and those who rarely use a heat gun. Black & Decker HG1300 heats up pretty fast, and it can make good temperature. It is weaker than D26960K and D26950, but it is cheaper. Still, it has good quality, and for a low price heat gun, you cannot find better.

Differences Between Soldering Equipment

Soldering Station

Soldering Station is a precisely temperature-controlled tool. It contains soldering iron, a power supply, a wet sponge, and some of them have a hot air gun. Sometimes they are called rework stations. Mostly used for soldering where is needed precise high temperature like sensitive PCB projects.


You can find and buy soldering stations for 50$, but if you want some of the best, then the price can be up to 100$ or even more.

Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron is a tool with only one component, a soldering iron. Irons are used for fast soldering.

Usually, they are not temperature-controlled tools. They have low power between 15W – 40W. But on the market, you can find some exceptions, so you have a temperature-controlled soldering iron with a higher wattage than 40W, but these are more expensive. No matter on wattage, they still cannot replace the power of soldering guns.


Soldering irons are relatively cheap; you can find some for even 6$ but do not buy them; they cannot solder well. For 25$, you can buy branded soldering irons for long use. If you are looking for stronger soldering iron with temperature control, then you need 60$.

Soldering Gun

Soldering Gun is a pistol-shaped, electrically powered tool for soldering metals using tin-based solder. With a soldering gun, we achieve a strong mechanical bond with good electrical contact. The power range is between 100W- 240W.

Standard guns have two trigger positions for low and high temperatures. However, it is rarely used for PCB soldering because it often damages and destroys the circuit board.


The price of a soldering gun can be very different. The price depends on the wattage of the gun itself. Stronger soldering guns are more expensive. But for 40$ – 70$, you can buy a soldering gun for your needs.

Heat Gun

A heat gun is a tool that is producing a high temperature. Heat guns are used for soldering. You can get hot air guns or hot air stations. They are used for soldering circuit board components. But we write reviews of real heat guns used for an everyday job. They are available in different powers and shapes.

You can apply a heat gun to strip paint, shrink heat tubing, shrink film, shrink wrap packaging, dry out damp wood, bend and weld plastic, melt adhesives, thaw frozen pipes, etc. This tool is always good to have in-house.


If you use a heat gun, sometimes you can find some cheaper solutions for 40$. However, better and more quality heat guns you will find for 100$. Yes, they are more expensive, but they can heat up and do everything with multiple tips.

Soldering Equipment Brands


One of the greatest hand tools companies in the world. They have been innovating since 1952 to bring us the most comprehensive range of strong and reliable hand soldering solutions possible for whatever task comes your way. Weller is the brand you can always rely on to understand what you need and give you state-of-the-art solutions.

Weller has done more than kept pace with all the dramatic process developments over the last several years. Trends toward miniaturization mean today’s electronics are shorter and more complex than ever before.

Weller tools offer the traceability and repeatability you need to collect and apply vital data to repair, rework, and other challenging electronics processes. Weller is one of the best brands on the market, especially for soldering stations and irons. In addition, their product usually came with seven years warranty.


Hakko company was established in 1952 in Japan. Hakko is globally recognized as a leader in soldering products with proven solutions that go beyond what is expected. Dedicated to meeting the ever-growing demands for soldering, Hakko takes pride in its products.

In fact, the essence of the Hakko culture is to help connect valuable components with soldering. As a result, they can anticipate their client’s needs, exceed their anticipations, and deliver the greatest soldering for all kinds of parts and products in a range of conditions. As a result, soldering irons and soldering stations are their best-selling products.


Aoyue commenced production, research, and development of electronic tools for the communication industry in 1997. With more than ten years of experience, Aoyue has developed into one of the leading technology companies for soldering and reworking equipment in China. In addition, they have developed their product line into a different selection of Repairing Systems.

Infrared Systems, SMD Rework Stations, Soldering Irons, Hot Plate Systems, Reflow Ovens, and other microelectronics tools designed specially to meet the needs of both consumer and industrial applications. Their production is various, but they created few great soldering stations. Nevertheless, that stations are best sellers and take awesome ratiAouye’sAouye vision is to lead in the development and production of soldering solutions, with the continued advancement of research and development capabilities to surpass the seemingly great technology of our world.


DeWalt was established in 1924, and they are one of the leading brands in the production of all tools and accessories. They do not manufacture soldering irons or soldering stations. I took them as my favorite because of their amazing heat guns. DeWalt has great products behind them for heating, woodworking, etc. Their quality is worldwide famous for over 80 years.