ANBES Soldering Iron Kit Electronics Review

ANBES Soldering Iron Kit Electronics
ANBES Soldering Iron

Product Name: ANBES Soldering Iron Kit

Product Description: ANBES Soldering Iron Kit is everything you need for small soldering jobs.




  • Have Desoldering Pump
  • Extremely Affordable Price
  • Everything you need for soldering in one bag


  • Not for heavy duty work
  • Power - 88%
  • Quality - 76%
  • Quick Heating - 83%
  • Customer Reviews - 91%
  • Works Properly - 94%

ANBES Soldering Iron Kit is the ideal solution for soldering hobbyists. The soldering kit has everything you need to do various soldering jobs. If you are repairing mobile phones, computers, or some other electronic, then ANBES Soldering Iron Kit is an ideal solution for you.

Maybe this soldering iron kit is not ideal for some professional soldering and continuous soldering work, but it is a perfect soldering product for some small repair problems. The price of this product is extremely affordable, and because of that, you just can’t expect some professional work from this soldering kit. But for the money you pay for this product, you will get everything you need to start repairing some small electronic parts.

ANBES Soldering Iron

Standard ANBES Soldering Iron Kit

ANBES Soldering Iron Kit Electronics Features

60W Power of this soldering iron is more than enough to melt most of the electronics. Soldering Iron is high temperature resistant and will serve you for many years. On the soldering iron is a wheel for temperature adjustment. You can adjust the temperature from 200 to 400 Celsius. Soldering iron also has an on and off button for more natural control when working. Quick heat dissipation will improve soldering efficiency. The soldering stand is perfect for this soldering iron, and it comes with a cleaning sponge. Just soak the cleaning sponge before using a soldering iron. In the ANBES soldering kit, you will receive a desoldering pump. The pump fits the hand perfectly and is easy to use to desolder.

How to use Desoldering Pump in ANBES Soldering Iron Kit

Press the plunger on the pump and hold. With a soldering iron, melt the dot. The next step is to bring desoldering pump closer and point it to the melted dot. After that, you just need to release a plunger, and a melted dot will be sucked and removed from the electronics.

Wire stripper cutter is another ideal tool that will help you in stripping cable. After that, you can make joints to connect two wires or solder the wire to electronic.

This soldering kit contains many items, and all of them are packed in a nice box which you can carry around without a single problem. The carrying bag is made of soft materials and is not large or heavy; it is perfect for traveling if you need to fix something in a friend’s house.

You will also get five additional tips for various types of soldering. These tips are more than enough to serve all your needs for many years.

Advanced Soldering Kit with Multimeter

For extra bucks, you can get an advanced package that has everything standard packages have, but it also includes a digital multimeter. A digital multimeter is an ideal tool for measuring DC and AC voltage. The multimeter is simple to use and will help you in various situations that require the measurement of electricity.

ANBES Soldering Iron Kit

Advanced ANBES Soldering Iron Kit


ANBES Soldering Iron Kit Electronics is the perfect soldering equipment for beginners who are looking to do simple work on electronics. With this tool, you can do many things, and you will not need to buy any additional items to make soldering works. This product is ideal for fixing electric guitars, connecting wires, desoldering dots, and other small soldering jobs. Unfortunately, it works only with 110V power, and you should not connect it to a higher voltage. But maybe if you ask the manufacturer in the email, maybe they have a 220V soldering kit.

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