Aouye 968a+ Soldering Station Review

Aouye 968a+ Soldering Station
Aouye 968a+

Product Name: Aouye 968a+

Product Description: Aouye 968a+ is one of the high-quality soldering stations on the market that everyone can afford.




  • Smoke absorber
  • 3 in 1
  • Lots of accessories
  • Heat rapidly
  • Strong and high wattage


  • Big soldering station
  • High price
  • Remind sticker on bottom
  • Power - 100%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Quick Heating - 95%
  • Customer Reviews - 95%
  • Works Properly - 100%

Aouye 968a+

Aouye 968a+ is one of the best seller soldering stations with amazing features like a smoke absorber, microprocessor-controller, ESD-safe equipment, digital display for controlling soldering iron temperature, and hot air gun temperature, etc. This product is perfect for electronics hobbyists and also for engineers in the lab. The product came in a package with a hot air gun, soldering station, and smoke absorber, so with this station, you can repair, clean, solder. This tool is all that you need from one soldering station. It is one of the best on the market. I like this station, and I think it is best for this money.

Aouye 968a+ soldering station

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Aouye 968a+ Hot Air Gun

The hot air gun has a power consumption of 550W with a temperature range of 100ºC – 480ºC. Hard plastic material made this tool very comfortable to use and safe from overheating. One of the greatest features of a hot air gun is sleep mode and a microprocessor that precisely controls temperature. The hot air gun that is used in the 968A+ uses a diaphragm pump for the air output and suction.

Aouye 968a+ Soldering Iron

Soldering iron is typical like on other soldering stations, and it is relatively easy to use. It will not hurt your hand after using it for a long time (some soldering irons do it, and it can be unpleasant). On iron is built fume extractor. Iron is not heavy, but someone may not like a fume extractor, which could be a little bit large for him. If you do not like it, you can quickly remove it. Changing tips is easy, and it is not complicated. You only have one nut to take off and replace with a new one; it is easy to remove a fume extractor from iron, such as on tips; you have to remove the nut and pull out the fume extractor. Soldering iron wattage is 70W and temperature range 200ºC to 48ºC.

Aouye 968a+ soldering pencil

Aouye 968a+ soldering pencil

Information and Customer Reviews

Aouye has made this product very durable, high-quality, easy to use, and without issues. The only minus to this product is the noise of the air pump and iron heater, but I would not take this as a big minus because the noise is not too big. One of Aouye 968a+ features are:

  • Auto cooling functionality which is cooling down the tool to a safe temperature before turning it off.
  • Different types of air nozzles.
  • Compatible with T series soldering tips.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers say that this product is excellent and worth of money, and I also recommend that. Some of the characteristics of the product that the clients most like are:

  • It heats up quickly, and it is quiet.
  • A great feature is the smoke absorber. Smoke is not in your face anymore.
  • It is great value for quality and money.
  • It removes smoke very well.


Well, this product is awesome, and we highly recommend it. Aouye 968a+ is one of the best-selling soldering stations (in my opinion, the best). The smoke absorber is an incredible feature, and it will keep you healthy. When you solder tin-lead wire, it produces little doses of toxic. That toxin cannot do some special damage, but it can be dangerous if you have heart and lung disease and smoke disturbs you. Also, it can be harmful to the eyes. This product is 3 in 1, so as I said, you can do a lot of stuff with this station, you can do whatever you want. For quality and durability, I can say only best.

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