All Power America APT2005 – Heat Gun

All Power America APT2005 Heat Gun
All Power America APT2005

Product Name: APT2005 Heat Gun

Product Description: All Power America APT2005 Heat Gun is ideal for fast heating jobs, you can even use it as a hairdryer, which I cannot recommend.




  • Two heat settings.
  • Weighing just 2.2 pounds.
  • Doesn’t make lots of noise.
  • Too good for its price!
  • Extra Noozles.


  • Suitable for light duty work.
  • Power - 96%
  • Quality - 90%
  • Quick Heating - 87%
  • Customer Reviews - 85%
  • Works Properly - 95%

Indeed a great piece of equipment right here, All Power America APT2005 is a tool every technician ought to own. It reliably does a huge variety of jobs, possibly why you will find it in notable technicians’ toolboxes. And, while you will like how it makes work easier, the kit’s construction as well as its terrific performance, unlike its substitutes, will certainly blow you off!

All Power America has a long history of creating top-quality pieces of equipment, and this one isn’t any different. You might not have seen All Power America APT2005 yet, but it entirely belongs to the cutting-edge category of heat guns. Consider its features, benefits compared to its peers, and what its past and present users said.

APT2005 Most Important Features

Top-dollar, Durable Construction

Straight off, what’s lovely about such an ingeniously designed heat gun is its construction. The heat-resistant cover and the ABS housing would perfectly sum up everything, but that’s at a glance. The APT2005 black handle comprises a tough form of plastic that will reliably withstand the extreme heat generated. The blue-colored end also guarantees easy interchanging of the nozzles, making it easy to finish any job.

Temperature Control

Aside from the impressive construction, the device minimizes noise while doing its job and thus perfect for any location. The two heat settings comprising Level 1 – 700F (375C) and Level 2 – 920F (495C) deems it ideal for nearly all materials for its temperature. It will blow hot air continuously for an hour – sometimes more.

Nozzle Choices

Nearly all standard heat guns arrive with a wide mouth nozzle to direct the heat in a particular manner. But, All Power America APT2005 comes with an impressive four different nozzles to offer swift and seamless interchanging whenever needed. Of course, they are made using stainless steel to withstand corrosion and last longer.

All Power America APT2005

All Power America APT2005 Heat gun with 4 Extra Nozzles

What’s Inside the Heat Gun Kit

The package includes four nozzles, and you can choose the cone nozzle, the fishtail nozzle, or the surface nozzle and still have the job done. Concerning its areas of application, the kit is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you need to strip stubborn paints, varnish, and lacquer, soften caulking filler, putty and form plastics, or just anything, use this All Power America APT2005. Trust me; you will not regret it.

APT2005 Pros and Cons


  • Weighing just 2.2 pounds, this tool is, so far, among the few lightweights and handy heat guns in the industry. You will hold it and scrap that dirt off for an hour without feeling tired.
  • From its essential components, fan, heating element, nozzles, and what it is made from, All Power America APT2005 performs extremely well. It doesn’t overheat anything.
  • Its wide array of applications is probably why it ranks top in its category. Crazy enough, some people have even confessed to using it as a hairdryer.
  • It is made to last and will take some time before it demands some servicing.
  • It doesn’t make lots of noise.
  • Two heat settings and an easy to control temperature knob and your job is done.
  • It isn’t “insanely priced” – perhaps too good for its price!


  • It is suitable for light-duty work only!
  • Some can sadly run for well 30 minutes.

Final Verdict

Today, heat gun kits come in multiple forms, sizes, shapes, and, of course, prices, and that’s impressive to us; consumers. But, what actually puts All Power America APT2005 ahead of almost all of them is its features and performance. Save for the few demerits, and the many pros serves as a perfect testament to its terrific performance.

For sure, it’s quite hard to say which heat gun is the best, but this one is somewhere near that. Thus, I’d highly vouch for it!

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