Best Soldering Gun: A Definitive Guide for Buyers

What is the most desired soldering gun?

The dream of every solder is to have the best tool. But did you know that choosing the best soldering gun can be seen as overwhelming and confusing? Why? Well, this is due to the many choices available. Having a quality solder joint is a crucial necessity in soldering works. Achieving that desirable quality is a big challenge when having the wrong soldering gun.

Therefore, this review gives you the best opportunity to have the best tool that I have tested. Going wrong with my top-rated pick is impossible. After hours of research, I ended up with Weller D650 as my top pick. However, you can also pick Weller 9400PKS as my second consideration.

You might be worried about the soldering gun price. With the two, you will find them at an affordable price with no need to worry. I have discussed details on each product that appears on my list.

Top 5 Soldering Guns

Weller D650 Industrial Soldering Gun

Weller D650 Soldering gun

Weller D650 Industrial Soldering Gun

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Among the Weller Soldering gun collection, Weller D650 is one of the best and most reliable, well known for its excellent power output and reliable industrial quality. The tool perfectly suits heavy-duty operations with a radiant heat-resistant design made of thermoplastic; thus, your safety during usage is guaranteed. Besides, Weller D650 features an incredible two-wire heavy-duty cord, a fingertip heat selector switch, a fingertip heat selector, and excellent insulation to prevent nasty accidents.

You will realize you are not limited to the number and nature of soldering jobs you can do with Weller D650. The tool is lightweight and designed ergonomically, making it is easy to use over a long period. You can get into different small areas and work on large projects due to its slender tip.


  • Dual-heat gun: This package is fitted with a double trigger of the high and low wattage of 300 and 200-watt, respectively.
  • Comfortable design: The gun is designed with a nickel-plated copper secondary. It also has a fingertip heat sensor in a heat-resistant thermoplastic case that enables comfort and control.
  • Output power: This product offers an exceptional amount of power output that makes it a perfect package, especially for professional works


  • Wattage experience may not reach 300 watt

This product has a very comfortable design, a dual heat trigger for different wattages, and thermoplastic housing for easy control with very high power output, making this package one of the best choices for consideration.

Weller 9400pks

Weller 9400pks

Weller 9400pks

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Weller’s 9400PKS is a unique package that is very efficient due to its portability, simple tips, and smooth operation. It utilizes a special LED spotlight that helps eradicate tip shadow and increases the aim, especially for ambitious solders making its function very useful. With a very low heat-up time of 6 seconds, it can reach temperatures of up to 9000F, and the two triggers as the power control.

Its superior model ensures a soft, comfortable grip to prevent slipping and hand fatigue.


  • Shadow-free projection: The LED enables a perfect aim, especially for ambitious DIY projects. The LED is very bright and of less heat. It also consumes less power.
  • Brilliant superior model: The Weller’s solder gun is a package that is designed perfectly for both comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness, making it an outstanding model above others.
  • High-quality assortment: It comes with a simple Weller’s solder tip that is typically used for cutting, smoothening, and heavy-duty soldering.
  • Dual power trigger: It is incorporated with two trigger power controls of 100W and 140W for low and high wattage.


  • Keep out of reach of children below 3 yrs due to choking hazard. It is not for use for temperature and static-sensitive equipment.

The high-quality assortment, its dual trigger, its bright LED illuminating the light, and a brilliant superior model majored in comfort, effectiveness, and efficiency make Weller’s 9400PKS soldering gun one of the best choices.

DEWALT DCE560B – Dewalt Caulking Gun

Dewalt Caulking Gun

Dewalt Caulking Gun

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Dewalt DCE560B is a phenomenon package endowed because of its unique features. It is set with a variable speed trigger that permits adequate control of the adhesive flow. It also has a slot for a battery and a charger, though sold separately. The canister trays are designed in an excellent way to allow easy and quick interchanging of the canisters of different sizes. It also possesses a unique anti-drip feature for steady drips on the adhesive.

The set also has an outstanding feature, specifically in its capacity of 10oz/300ml and a brilliant speed of 21 in/min.


Variable speed trigger: This trigger permits adequate control of the adhesive flow. Therefore, it can set maximum and minimum flow rates.
Anti-drip feature: This comes in handy with the aim of preventing excess adhesive from dripping out, which would destroy your work. It does this by automatically retracting the plunging rod once the trigger is released.
Interchangeable canister: The canister trays are designed in an excellent way to allow easy and quick interchanging of the canisters of different sizes.


  • The plastic casing is subject to shatter.

The unique anti-drip feature that protects your project, easy and quick interchangeable canister, and a variable speed trigger makes this package one of the brilliant selection models.

Wall Lenk LG400c

Soldering gun LG400C

Wall Lenk LG400c

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Wall Lenk LG400C is an incredible tool to satisfy all my soldering needs. Its unique feature is the dual wattage experience, where the high wattage makes the tip heat up real quick, and the lower wattage remains moderate tip temperature. The high wattage is excellent for heavy-duty soldering.

Wall Lenk LG400C solder gun also features a built-in work light that illuminates a perfect solder experience.


Plug-in tip and element (TE) assemblies: These tips and assemblies are easily fitted in a position that enables practical working experience.
400/150 Dual Wattage: This is a high and low wattage element controlled by a trigger enabling quick tip heat-up and a rated tip temperature.
Built-in work light: This light allows for an illumination experience on the project, ensuring perfect solders are produced.


  • It is more expensive to replace the element cartridge when it burns out and resistant trigger spring.

This package has a handy dual trigger that produces different wattage experiences, a fitted work light to illuminate in dark spots, and its plug-in tips and elements (TE) assemblies, making it one of the perfect choices for consideration.

Weller D550PK

Soldering gun

Weller D550PK Soldering Gun

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Weller D550PK is a perfect package for professionals. It has comfortable piston grips with regulating fingertip triggers of 260 and 200-watts for high and low wattage. It is an a2-wire cord and meets UL and cull standards.

The tip heats up fast in about 6 seconds.


Dual-heat gun: The package is fitted with a trigger that switches between 260-watt and 200-watt for a high and low wattage, respectively.
Comes with accessories: This kit is packed with necessary accessories, including three tips, a coil of lead-free solder, and a flux brush. All these come in handy for professional quality work.
2-LED work light: These lights illuminate both sides of the tip hence good solders in dark spots.
Heat-up time: This gun heats up real quick in about 6 seconds to the full heat of 11000F, saving time.


  • Poor quality case since the hinge breaks the first time in use.

This package is fitted with handy accessories during its performance. Its dual trigger for different wattage input, a bright LED light, and a fast heat-up time make this product one of the most brilliant choices for consideration.

What to Look For When Buying Soldering Gun

Before setting your eyes on a specific soldering gun to buy, you should consider several factors to ensure you have the best one. I will give some of the elements you need to consider before purchasing the tool.

Whether you are searching for the best soldering gun for automotive wiring or the best soldering station for the hobbyist, the quality and ease of use are a matter of concern. The following are some of what you should look for before buying a soldering gun.

Higher Wattage

Wattage is an essential factor to consider before settling on a specific soldering gun. You should, therefore, note that wattage does not by any chance control how the soldering gun gets hot. Instead, it controls the rate of how fast the tip heats up and how it regains its normal temperature after soldering.

As you solder, the soldering gun tip does cool a little bit since it is transferring its heat to the solder and the wire you are joining. When using a higher wattage, the tool can maintain a stable temperature for a longer time compared to low wattage. Furthermore, higher wattage tools reheat themselves in between. Therefore, you are good with a higher wattage soldering gun.

Replaceable Tip

When buying a soldering gun, always put into your budget a few extra tips that will be useful if you need to replace the tip.


Price is an essential consideration that you should look into. Every technician would like to invest in a tool that shows the value of their money. Although you can purchase the best soldering gun under 50, it is advisable to spare a few dollars and buy a soldering station with an integrated stand.

Temperature Control

Although this may not be essentially necessary, having a soldering gun with inbuilt temperature control is a useful feature. It increases flexibility and reliability during usage. When you are doing many soldering works, you will find this feature highly important in your soldering results.

However, such soldering guns might be a little bit more expensive than the other ordinary models. So if you want to get hold of temperature control, this is a feature you should consider before buying any model.

Soldering Gun With a Ground Three-Prong Power Plug

This feature is not essential but a useful feature for the tool. The grounding is beneficial in discharging the static charges that would otherwise cause damage to some sensitive electronics components when you are soldering.

What Is A Soldering Gun?

A soldering gun is the most popular soldering tool due to its versatile nature. Many prefer it since it is user-friendly with a comfortable grip handle. Furthermore, since it has got a trigger mechanism, many users enjoy using a soldering gun. It has unique features, with the most outstanding being the loop wire copper tip, which is designed to cool rapidly, eliminating a holster.

Therefore, you no longer have to be worried about fire hazards; hence easy and safe storage of the tool. When giving an exact comparison of soldering gun vs. soldering iron, guns have got a step-down transformer that helps convert power to lower voltage with high amperage current from the main. Guns heat up considerably faster than irons.

They are typically characterized by high power voltage ranging from 100-240 watts. Soldering guns ensure flexibility during soldering works. You can also work within confined spaces, which seems to be difficult when using soldering iron.

How Does Soldering Gun Work?

Soldering guns have variant uses. Usually, a standard soldering gun has between 100-240 watts.

The soldering gun tip is made of a loop of thin copper wire. The end of the secondary transformer is secured with screws creating a secondary circuit. When the primary transformer is energized, the copper tip heats up rapidly. One should never use a soldering gun for more than an interval of thirty seconds since the tool heats up rapidly and cools down very quickly.

The tool has two unique triggers that help you set it either low or high. In most home soldering works, you should put it in a low position unless you handle heavy-duty items. When controlling the soldering gun tip, you should do it manually. Hold the button until you have melted the material, then release the button. You should repeat this process until you have reached your desired result or outcome.

Even though You can use soldering guns on various surfaces, you should always bear in mind that too much heat may cause damage to the surface. As a reminder, the solder gun’s tip often wears out and should be replaced over time.

Need to Know
What’s the First Aid remedy in case of a burn by a soldering gun?

Suppose you are unlucky to have an accidental burn by a soldering gun. You should first run cool water (not cold) over the burnt area. If soap at your disposal, use soap and water to wash the affected area. It would be best to avoid any unnecessary injuries if you took great care of yourself.

How should you maintain your soldering gun tip?

Taking care of your tip is very important. It is advisable to use a temperature-controlled soldering gun. The tip of the tool should be cleaned and wiped before use. You can achieve this by drawing the tip across the damp sponge or rag’s surface.

How do you tin the tip of the soldering gun?

You can use tin cleaners to clean the oxides at the tip of your soldering gun. Alternatively, supply enough flux by touching the tip with rosin-cored solder. This will remove all the oxides when wiped with a damp sponge.


For individuals who love home soldering electrical works, owning a soldering gun can be that exciting. Operating a soldering gun can be seen as scary, although it is not as tricky as it seems. My best soldering gun that topped the soldering gun reviews list will ensure that any of your soldering jobs is seamless.

Whether you are a total newbie, a skilled solder, or a hobbyist, you can solder and repair different soldering projects if you own a soldering gun. Regardless of the type of solder project you are involved in, my top pick will be a sure choice.

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