Titan Professional Butane Torch Review

Professional Grade Butane Torch by Titan
Professional Grade Butane Torch by Titan

Product Name: Titan Butane Torch

Product Description: Titan butane torch is useful in some specific soldering jobs, like melting pipes to combine them together, however, in electronics, you won't find much of use with this torch.




  • High temperature
  • Made by Titan
  • A see-through window for butane
  • Flame size easy controlling
  • Safety mechanism


  • A little expensive
  • For beginners filling a tank can be harder
  • Butane is not included in the package
  • Power - 100%
  • Quality - 100%
  • Quick Heating - 98%
  • Customer Reviews - 99%
  • Works Properly - 98%

About Titan Torch

Nowadays, soldering with a butane torch is very efficient and modern. A lot of people will rather buy a butane torch than a soldering iron. With a torch, you can use it for soldering, plumbing, jewelry, which is the probable reason why some people prefer it. So if you decide to buy a butane torch, then you need to find a proper one with high quality. This torch has a 100% guarantee on Titan. It has an innovative body that provides comfortable and safe use. Titan products company made an excellent offer on this product. If you do not like Titan torch, you can return it and get a full refund or full replacement. It is important to say that this guarantee is a lifetime.

Titan Torch Specifications

Temperature adjustment on Titan torch is controlled by flame size. One tank can provide 60 minutes of work. The burning temperature is 2730ºF. Anti-flare technology keeps from activating any accidental fire. If you decide to buy it, also buy butane because it is not included in the package. The black color design is excellent, and the tool looks very cool.

Professional Grade Butane Torch by Titan

Customer Reviews

Customers are delighted with this torch, which is surely the reason for an incredibly high rating on Amazon. Titan Torch is not just for soldering; you can do many jobs around the house with this magnificent tool. With one butane tank, you can do plenty of work. If you do not use it very often with one tank, you can work for a few weeks. One of the features is a see-through window for butane. Check out some reviews:

  • It is very powerful. I like tank capacity the most, which is large, and I do not need to refill it often.
  • Easy to hold and use. You will love it.
  • It is straightforward to maintain this torch and set it up for use.
  • I was using many torches, and this one is my favorite.


We made the review of a butane torch, but we are a website about soldering. Well, butane torches are innovative on the market, and with them, you can do plenty of jobs. It is used in the kitchen for jewelry, plumbing, and many other tasks that need high temperatures. The quality of this torch is fantastic, and the reviews are great. When I say that, it means that everyone is satisfied. About 95% of ratings are five stars.

For those who need some hard soldering, it is the perfect tool. If you are looking for a sensitive tool, it is not the right tool, rather buy some soldering station or go with more sensitive Dremel Versatip torch. But if you want to use it for other tasks, it is very effective. Women recommend it for the kitchen. Plumbing with this Titan torch is easy, and you can repair everything in your home. At all, it is a tool worth money.

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