Digital Soldering Iron Station With Soldering Stand by Odelenwa

Odelenwa Digital Soldering Station
Odelenwa Soldering Station

Product Name: Odelenwa Soldering Station

Product Description: Odelenwa soldering station has a good heating property and comes with additional tools that will help you perform soldering jobs easily.




  • Affordable Price
  • LCD Display
  • Easy temperature Adjustments
  • Soldering Stand With Cleaning Wire and Sponge
  • High-Quality Soldering Iron


  • Made for Hobbyists
  • Power - 75%
  • Quality - 73%
  • Quick Heating - 71%
  • Customer Reviews - 85%
  • Works Properly - 1%

Soldering stations can be costly if you are buying a professional brandable soldering station. Still, if you are a hobbyist and just want to use soldering occasionally, you need the least expensive soldering station. Many brands offer affordable soldering stations, but Odelenwa is offering probably the best buy soldering station at the lowest possible price.

Soldering Station by Odelenwa

Soldering Station

Odelenwa Digital Soldering Station Features

Easily Adjustable Temperature

The temperature on this DIY soldering station is easily adjusted. All you need to do is press the up or down button for heat. Temperature stability is in a range of 3° Celsius, which is pretty decent stability and will help you solder without interruptions or failures.


Soldering iron is powered by 60W, which is more than enough to reach 180 – 480° Celsius. These temperatures and the quality of soldering iron are good enough to work on various things. With this soldering tool, you can repair audio boards, various electronics, jewelry, and other items that one can solder.

Safety rest provides another support for your soldering iron which will shut down automatically after not being used for 20 minutes. Once you take it in your hand or just move it, it will turn back on and be ready for new soldering jobs.

LCD Display

The above buttons for temperature adjustment are the LCD temperature display, giving you exact measurements of the temperature. With this easy-to-read temperature information, you will never burn your boards.

Soldering Iron

Soldering iron is made of high-quality material and has a comfortable handle. Tips that are used in this soldering station package are lead-free. The iron frame is also nicely done and provides excellent support for a soldering iron. It holds a cleaning sponge for fast iron cleaning. Make sure you wet the sponge before you use it, or else you may set it on fire.

What You get in Odelenwa Digital Soldering Station Package

In this extremely affordable soldering station package, you will get a lot. You will get one power unit, one soldering iron with a soldering stand, one soldering tip cleaning wire together with a cleaning sponge. Manual is a standard item in the package, and I highly recommend that you read it before turning this soldering station on.

Odelenwa Soldering Station

Odelenwa Soldering

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Odelenwa Digital Soldering Station is the best buy tool for beginners that want to start with soldering. But it is also beneficial for hobbyists or even experts who are not soldering a lot. The price is the number one reason why this soldering station is attractive to solderers. Odelenwa also offers 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product. And if you decide to keep this affordable soldering station, then you are covered for a whole year by the warranty issued by Odelenwa. Without question, I am sure that this package is a great deal.

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