How to Desolder and Solder Capacitor

Many times we have a simple problem like one of the capacitors is blown out. Sometimes it isn’t good and needs to be replaced. Many times in these situations, people throw out their devices and buy a new one. The reason for that is that electronics today are cheap, and nobody wants to bother with bad devices. After all, there may be other problems on the electronic board other than a bad capacitor.

In this review, I will talk about removing the bad capacitor and putting back in the new one. The technique is pretty basic, and all you will need is a soldering iron or soldering gun. You can use a solder sucker or soldering wire to remove the old solder on the board.

With this affordable and straightforward technique, you can repair LCD monitors, TV, PC motherboard, and any other electronic device that obviously has a bad capacitor problem.

Step by Step Bad Capacitor Replacement

First Step

Before all, we need to locate a bad capacitor. You can test a bad capacitor with a multimeter, or you can simply visually check for a bad capacitor. Any blown bad capacitor or capacitor that is about to pop out is bad. You should remove all capacitors that look like that. You can see an example of a bad capacitor in the picture below.

How to Desolder and Solder Capacitor 1

Lots of Bad Capacitors

Second Step

Once we located a bad capacitor, we will use a soldering iron or soldering gun to heat the solder that is holding the bad capacitor in place. Put the soldering iron on the welding and apply a solder sucker to remove the liquidated solder from the board. Once you remove all the solder that is holding the bad capacitor, switch the board and pull the bad capacitor.

Third Step

Identify the capacitor by looking at what is saying on it. You need to replace it with an identical capacitor, or else your repair will not work.

Fourth Step

Put the new working capacitor inside the board in a proper way. You need to insert its wires in the positive and negative hole properly; positive goes in positive mark on the board and negative in a negative hole. After that, you can use a soldering iron and solder it to the board.

The last step where you are using solder wire on the board needs to be carefully done. It would be best if you did not use excessive solder on the board and in no way connect solder with other welds on the board, especially not with the solder from negative capacitor wire. That will definitively burn the board, and damage will be huge.

Check YouTube Video with Detailed Instructions


Now you know how to simply fix computers, LCDs, and big TVs that only have bad capacitor problems. This fix will not cost you much because capacitors are cheap. However, your experience with soldering equipment and knowledge of using soldering iron will be important. In those words, I can highly recommend you to get some broken electronic boards and do some work on them. Practice makes perfect. With some training, you are ready to fix big TVs in no time.

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