Soldering Tips and Tricks For Everyone

Choosing tips for soldering is not a hard job. I will try to give some guidelines for choosing the soldering tips for your needs. First of all, you need to buy high-quality tips. There are a lot of quality tips, and you can hardly go wrong. Price determines quality. It is common to purchase a package of 10 or more tips and find the proper ones that you want to use. It is not hard to find the tip for wiring, but it is a little bit more difficult for PCB soldering.

Choosing Soldering Tips for PCB Soldering

PCB soldering is very sensitive, and you need to try different sizes of tips for almost every PCB. The main guideline should be the size. Size is imperative, and for small connections, it should be the smaller tip. If the tip is bigger than connections, you risk destroying the circuit board. Also, the shape is important too. The shape depends on PCB and the man who is soldering that PCB. The design itself affects soldering but not much as the person who solders.Soldering Tips

I like to use flattened soldering tips, and I find them as the easiest tips for soldering. The Bigger surface of flat tips allows the solder to melt faster, and that is why I like it. The bad thing about flattened soldering tips is that they get damaged very fast. Sometimes I destroyed it after two or three weeks, but if I buy some more expensive tips, it can “live” longer.

Also, great soldering tips are smaller with a rounded surface. They are most used, I think. I use them too, and maybe with them is the easiest way to solder. I think connections are excellent with them, and they are great for a start. But with time, you will try some new shape of tips and find appropriate for your needs. Keep in mind to choose the size for your project. The easiest way is to compare soldering tip with connections.

Mistakes with Soldering Tips

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen is that someone cuts soldering tips to get a customized tip. It is a good idea, but when you try to solder with that tip, it will burn up fast or make bad connections. The best quality of soldering tips is on the surface, and when you cut it off, it loses quality. I tried myself to make that tip. It burned up very fast, and it almost destroyed my PCB. Someone who does not use often soldering iron can find these tips as good. But that is a very rare case, and I do not recommend it.

If you want to save your tips, then you should switch off the soldering iron or station when you do not use it. It can burn up soldering tips and heat-up tools. It can damage the tool, so you save the tips and the tool when you switch off.

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