Tabiger Soldering Kit with Carrying Case

Tabiger Soldering Kit

Product Name: Tabiger Soldering Kit

Product Description: Tabiger Soldering Kit is a simple kit for fast soldering fixes.




  • Fast Heating
  • Good Temperature Control
  • Good Quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Replacing Tips


  • No button for on and off

Tabiger Soldering Kit is one of the most famous products among the solderers. Solderers just love to use this tool because it is simple to use. It has all the tools one solderer requires for soldering and desoldering. And on top of that, it is a cheap solution for a problem every electronic solderer encounters.


Tabiger Soldering Kit Box

Best Use of Tabiger Soldering Kit

This small, affordable soldering kit is handy as a small project tool. Solderers use it to repair small electronics, watches, chipboards, mobile devices, TV, computer hardware, jewelry, wiring, and other small jobs requiring precise soldering tools.

What is Inside Tabiger Soldering Kit

With this money, you will get more than you pay.

  • Soldering Iron which is small and precise to fit everywhere
  • Soldering wire
  • Anti-static tweezers
  • Five different soldering tips
  • Stand with cleaning sponge
  • Desoldering pump
  • Carry case

Soldering Iron Features

Soldering iron heats up quickly. It uses 60 watts of power and requires just around 2 minutes to heat. You can adjust the temperature between 200º and 450º Celsius. Heat dissipation on soldering iron is great because of the steel pipe design. Temperature control is easily adjustable with the wheel on the soldering iron.

Desoldering pump is straightforward to use. It allows easy single-hand use. It is used for removing solder. You just need to push the pump top, and then when you want to suck, you just press the button.


Tabiger Soldering Iron with Features

Preparing for First Soldering with Tabiger Soldering Kit

  • It would help if you kept tips clean, and the best way to do that is to use a cleaning sponge
  • Before usage, you should make your sponge wet
  • With a soldering iron, heat the weldment and make sure it is heated evenly.
  • As soon as your temperature is high enough, you should apply the soldering wire close to the joint.
  • Remove soldering wire once you see it is enough.
  • Remove soldering iron at the angle of 45º and power it off.

Replacing soldering tips is also simple. Just unscrew the original tip and screw the desired one. Five different soldering tips that you can remove it any time will be more than enough for every solderer. These soldering tips will make sure you can solder various stuff.


  • Good Temperature Control
  • Fast Heating
  • Interchangeable Tips
  • High-Quality Tool
  • Affordable Price


  • It would be nice if soldering iron had on and off switch


Tabiger soldering kit is an affordable toolbox for small-time solderers. This soldering kit is not meant for professional soldering, where you keep your soldering iron at full temperature 24/7. Because of that, this soldering kit price is affordable, and if you need something that needs to be turned on for most of the day, check our soldering iron section. There you can find more robust modeling irons.

This toolbox is for hobbyists, DIY solderers, new solderers, or for simple home use. And for that usage, it works perfectly. Even new solderers find this product easy to use and manage to solder the stuff.

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