Vastar Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V

Vastar Soldering Iron Kit
Varstar soldering iron package

Product Name: Vastar Soldering Iron

Product Description: Vastar Soldering Iron is actually a kit that comes with additional accessories which you will find beneficial in your everyday soldering work.




  • Very cheap
  • Good quality
  • Package with many accessories
  • High power


  • It is not for daily use
  • Not good as some of the bigger brand irons

About Vastar Soldering Iron

If you are looking for a cheaper soldering iron, Vastar soldering iron could be the right choice. Usually, when the soldering iron is used, it is for small and quick jobs, so why spend that much money on the soldering iron. Some people use soldering iron daily, so they need some stronger models. But let see what we can do with this model.

We can do whatever we want with the Vastar soldering station. It has magnificent specifications and reviews. It is the new model on the market, and it appeared on October 23, 2015. In this relatively small period, it becomes the best seller soldering iron with over 150 customer reviews on Amazon.

Vastar soldering iron package

Vastar Soldering Iron Kiz

Vastar Soldering Iron Specifications

Vastar soldering iron comes in the package with a soldering iron, five tips, soldering stand, solder, and desoldering pump. So when you get it, you can work immediately. It is a sturdy soldering iron with 60W power. It comes with 18 months warranty, and that makes you safe to buy. Cord length is 59 inches that allow you easy control. It is lightweight and easy to use. Vastar does a good job with an extended pipe. The pipe is a little longer and prevents the heating of a handle. These are the main specifications, and they are standard like at the other irons.vastar soldering iron

Customer reviews

Vastar soldering irons take a great impressive rating and become the best soldering iron on the market. Everything works perfectly, and it heats up fast. It melts fast thick solder also. It will not get damaged after prolonged use because it has good quality. Check out some reviews:

  • This iron is great. It is lightweight and comfortable in hand.
  • It is a very durable iron, and I like it.
  • The quality of both soldering iron and a desoldering pump is amazing.


Vastar soldering iron can take only good recommendations. It is perfect for beginners and DIYers. Just plug it, and it will do the job. A big plus is that it comes in a package with a lot of accessories. Maybe it is not the right choice for daily use. If you need a soldering tool for everyday use, you better get Hakko soldering iron but keep in mind that it costs more. For everyone else, it is a great deal, and I recommend it.

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