Wall Lenk LG400C Full Review

Wall Lenk LG400C Soldering Gun
Soldering gun LG400C

Product Name: Wall Lenk LG400C

Product Description: Wall Lenk LG400C is a high-quality soldering gun for easy soldering jobs.




  • Small and light design
  • 400W power
  • Great quality
  • Strong tips
  • Easy pistol hand grip


  • Short cord
  • Two tips in the package
  • Too powerful for those who do not know how to handle it
  • The temperature drops down because of improper use
  • Power - 97%
  • Quality - 100%
  • Quick Heating - 96%
  • Customer Reviews - 95%
  • Works Properly - 100%

Wall Lenk LG400C

Wall Lenk LG400C is the most famous product of the Wall Lenk brand in heavy-duty soldering. Wall Lenk company is founded in 1864 by Patrick Wall, and they manufactured various products in history, and now they focus on soldering equipment and the heating tool.

Wall Lenk LG400C soldering gun

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LG400C is a professional heavy-duty soldering gun with dual wattage. Ideal for use on automobiles, appliances, motors, generators, electrical wiring, and sheet metal. It is easy to use and provides instant response. A usable and practical soldering gun will make soldering and wiring two components very easy. The quality of this product is great, and tips are durable and for long use. If you are looking to buy a soldering gun, this is a product that you should consider as your choice.

Wall Lenk LG400C Specifications

LG400C is a dual wattage soldering gun, and you can change it usually on a trigger. High wattage heats the tip in seconds, and the lower wattage position maintains the rated tip temperature. Another great feature is a work light that can illuminate a 1-inch area. The maximum tip temperature is 1000F. Plug-in tip and element (TE) assemblies – TE assemblies are plug-in units that You can change. The available voltage is 110V, and with an adapter, you can transfer it to 240V. It heats up fast without waiting 2-3 minutes to solder thick wire. This tool is very powerful if you are looking for power.

Customer reviews

On Amazon, it has an excellent rating. This tool had not any significant issues only what few customers complained about is the wattage problem; it can drop from 400 to 150, but I think it is because of improper use. Most customers say only good for it, and you can check it out in Amazon reviews.

  • It would be best if you did not look for another soldering gun. This one works perfectly, and it is comfy.
  • It is easy to use, and you will not find a more practical gun.
  • If you want a powerful soldering gun, take this one
  • It is great for automotive repair jobs. It can handle very large and challenging tasks.


Wall Lenk LG400C is a perfect solution for professionals and those who are looking for a soldering gun that is simple to use. It is a little bit expensive, but you will be pleased with the quality and heating. Wattage is high, and it is exactly what soldering guns need. If you want a durable product, get Wall Lenk LG400C; you will hardly find a product similar to this.

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