Weller 8200PKS Soldering Gun Review

Weller 8200PKS Soldering Gun
Weller 8200PKS soldering gun

Product Name: Weller 8200PKS

Product Description: Weller 8200PKS is a soldering gun that can do almost all soldering jobs.




  • Quick heating
  • Relatively lightweight
  • High quality
  • Long life
  • Two temperature output


  • Old school design
  • A little bit expensive
  • You need to cool it after very long using
  • The cord could be longer
  • Only three tips in package
  • Power - 95%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Quick Heating - 90%
  • Customer Reviews - 85%
  • Works Properly - 87%

About Weller Soldering Gun 8200PKS

Weller 8200PKS soldering gun

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Another great product by Weller, Weller 8200PKS, took the first position as best selling soldering gun on Amazon. The product is manufactured in Mexico. The quality of the Weller and guaranteed warranty of 7 years make this product a best seller soldering gun. Supplied tips are 7135W, 6150W, 6160W. Item has a Dual-heat gun that produces 140W and 100W with standard pistol grip of soldering guns; you can see it better in pictures. Item weight is 3.4 pounds. You can check if this fits you, but this is not so heavy even if it is very comfortable to use.

Weller 8200PKS Specifications

Weller soldering gun is ready to use in 6 seconds, and it has two outputs, high and low, and you can set it up on a trigger. The temperature range is 1020ºF and 900ºF.  Weller 8200PKS kit includes the 120-volt 8200 soldering guns, three tips, and a blow-molded case for easy storage and transport. It has a light under tips that illuminate work, and it uses tin-plated copper tips. These are great specifications. Check more specifications on Amazon. You can find and check below in text reviews and recommendations for buying.Weller 8200PKS soldering gun kit

Customer reviews

Weller soldering gun 8200PKS has a very good rating on Amazon. This soldering gun is high quality. Also, the price of this product is fair. It is cheap if you are looking for a reliable soldering gun. I have not noticed any significant issue with this product, so no need to worry. You can find reviews like this on Amazon:

  • It heats up quickly. Amazing soldering gun.
  • You can do any heavy work with it.
  • Weller made some standards in the industry of soldering tools. This gun replaced my old which worked for decades, and this one quality is the same.
  • I can say only the best about it. My experience so far is good, and I recommend it to everyone.


This soldering gun is what you need. Weller 8200PKS is perfect for those who are not heavy users of a soldering gun. The price is great; it is cheap. We do not need to talk about Weller quality. Seven years of warranty and exceptional quality of all materials. You should check this product if you are buying some cheaper solutions for a soldering gun. I think this is the best item for this price.

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