Weller D550PK Professional Soldering Gun Kit

Weller D550PK Professional Soldering Gun
Soldering gun

Product Name: Weller D550PK

Product Description: Weller D550PK is a high-quality soldering gun that can help you in your everyday soldering jobs.




  • Fast Heating
  • Dual Power Mode
  • High Power Watts


  • Too heavy for lighter jobs.
  • Power - 100%
  • Quality - 100%
  • Quick Heating - 100%
  • Customer Reviews - 95%
  • Works Properly - 95%

I did not talk much about soldering guns and did not do many soldering guns reviews, but this will change in the future. Soldering guns are necessary for soldering because they are much stronger than soldering iron. Soldering guns have more power voltage than soldering iron, and they heat up faster. If you are working on some bigger jobs requiring more powerful soldering, you should go with a gun. The soldering gun is not meant for lighter, smaller jobs where a light touch is needed.

Soldering gun

Weller D550PK Soldering Gun

Weller D550PK Features

  • Dual Heat Mode

With just a fingertip, you can switch between 260 or 200 watts of power. This feature is handy when you require more power and when not, you can use lower power to keep the soldering gun at less heat and that way able to work for a longer time.

You are ready to use this soldering gun in just 6 seconds. In that time soldering gun will heat up and be ready to do some soldering.

  • 7 Year Limited Warranty

With this massive warranty, you are somehow sure that your soldering gun will serve you for many years that come. Warranty is extended because the soldering gun from Weller is professionally made, and the material used for making it is of high quality. The durable material gives durability, and that only means lots of working hours without getting any malfunction.

  • In the Package

In Weller D550PK soldering gun kit and not only will you get a useful soldering gun that can serve you for many upcoming years, but also you will get additional accessories that every soldering gun requires. You will get one soldering tip, one smoothing tip, and one cutting tip. A soldering aid tool is also included in the package and a coil of a lead-free soldering wire. If you don’t understand something about the soldering gun, there is an operating instructions book that will help you out.

Soldering gun kit

Weller D550PK Soldering Gun


If you decided to do some heavy soldering and decided to go with a soldering gun instead of a soldering iron, Weller D550PK is one of the best choices. For this affordable price, you can hardly get a better soldering gun. A long warranty is also attractive and guarantees you many hours of successful work. The package contains additional accessories that many new solderers don’t have, so this is a good starting soldering kit if you are new.


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