Weller D650 and Weller D650PK Review

Weller D650 Soldering Kit
Weller D650 Soldering gun

Product Name: Weller D650

Product Description: Weller D650 is the ideal device to fix electronic boards fast without too much hassle.




  • High power
  • Great quality
  • 6 seconds heating
  • Case (D650PK)
  • Long-life tips


  • You often need to fix a screw
  • Expensive tips
  • Little large
  • Needs often tip cleaning
  • Power - 95%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Quick Heating - 95%
  • Customer Reviews - 92%
  • Works Properly - 93%

Weller D650

I bring you a review of the Weller D650 heavy-duty soldering gun. Weller D650PK is actually a soldering kit, and it includes Weller D650 as the main tool. This tool is high-powered which can be good for some jobs that require high temperatures. You can use it for various types of soldering, and it is mostly used in manufacturing and industry.

Weller gives a generous seven years warranty. This soldering gun is very attractive to buyers because of a long life period which is proven by a long warranty offered by Weller. This tool takes about 6 seconds to heat up. In other words, it is ready to be used in a few seconds. The tool had a pistol-grip design, and the product is not heavy for soldering. Product weight is about 3.4 pounds.Weller D650 Soldering gun

Weller D650 Specifications

Weller D650 has 120V voltage input available and two wattage power 200W and 300W. High power made this product popular among solderers because it allows them to use it on different types of jobs. The heating is very quick, it takes only 6 seconds. It is ideal for fast solderers.

The temperature range is 1100ºF and 900ºF. Supplied tips are 7250, 6150, 6160. Weller D650 has the highest power output of all Weller soldering guns. Thanks to its high power and temperature Weller put it in durable plastic, so you don’t need to be afraid that plastic will melt under so high heat.

Also, it has a fingertip heat control and heat-resistant thermoplastic housing for comfort and control. You can fast switch from one heating temperature to other without a need to take a pause. Weller has been making this gun for a long time and they are very proud of this soldering gun.

All specifications are good, and the tool works very well. If you want high output, you set it in the 1st position or low output in the 2nd trigger position. These are the main specifications of the product, check-out recommendations, and customer reviews below.

Customer Opinion

This product has a good rating on Amazon. Folks over at Amazon love it. Weller D650 has an excellent rating, and Weller D650PK has an even better rating. D650PK is a kit that comes with additional accessories, but you can purchase a soldering gun separately. The customers usually say that they are happy, and this is an excellent tool. Comments and reviews are something like this, and customers are satisfied with them.

  • I like this soldering gun, and it works well. I have had Weller guns that worked for decades.
  • Great soldering gun and it is built for long usage.
  • It heats quickly and works well. A trigger is soft and easy to use.
  • You can work very fast with it.
  • I like it and recommend it to everyone.

Weller D650PK soldering kit

What’s in the package?

In the Weller D650 package, you will get a soldering gun. However, this tool is useful for many different jobs and you can upgrade it with additional tips. Cutting and smoothing tips are available on the market which you can buy if you need them. However, a soldering gun is enough for most soldering jobs.

Our opinion

Weller is a worldwide brand and one of the best companies for soldering equipment.  They know how to build a durable soldering tool. If you are looking for a reliable soldering gun, I highly recommend the Weller D650. There are a lot of tips available for it. The excellent industrial quality tool will make you delighted at soldering. For those who look out for long-life tools, high power, good quality, and on top of that, reliable, Weller D650 is definitely the best choice.

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