Weller WP35 Soldering Iron Review

Weller WP35 Soldering iron
Weller WP35

Product Name: Weller WP35

Product Description: Weller WP35 is a simple tool that can help you with fast soldering jobs.




  • Weller quality
  • Good tips
  • Quick heating
  • Sponge grip
  • Lightweight


  • Only 35W
  • Short cord
  • Expensive tips
  • Not compatible for PCB
  • Power - 89%
  • Quality - 95%
  • Quick Heating - 93%
  • Customer Reviews - 93%
  • Works Properly - 87%

Weller WP35

If you are looking for professional soldering iron with high quality, we recommend you check out Weller WP35. This amazing soldering iron from the Weller company is a very reliable choice. Weller is always a good choice because this company is a professional brand in the making of soldering equipment since 1945. This tool uses ST tips, and it comes with an ST3 tip. It is perfect for soldering wiring, switches, etc. But we do not recommend this for PCB electronics if you are not experienced with soldering. Like at all soldering equipment, you will need to keep clean tips. If you are using it for PCB, you must make connections quickly. For PBC electronics, we recommend you to check the Aouye soldering station. It is made in light blue and black color. The crucial thing is that this soldering iron is a long life, excellent quality, and very easy to maintain.

Weller WP35 Soldering Iron

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Weller WP35  Specifications

Weller WP35 is 35W, and it heats up to 850ºF (approximately 450ºC), and it is enough for almost all soldering types. This product is lightweight, and it is comfortable in hands. Excellent balance of soldering iron is making this product easy to use. It has a sponge grip for hands. Also, this soldering iron is a plug-in type, heats rapidly with 110V voltage. After one hour of using it, it does not heat on the handgrip, and that is one of the best features which proves the quality of Weller. It came with a 3-wire cord 6′ long, and the iron itself has a length of 7 7/8 ”. It would help if you only used it with Weller tips.

Customer opinion

Customers said that this was one of the best soldering iron on the market. It is also a cheap product. Not cheap like other no-name soldering irons, but they usually can not give you real power what they tell. Cheap soldering irons are good on specifications; in real use, they give you nothing. Weller is a world-famous brand and one of the best for soldering equipment. Durability and quality are great opinions of customers. They are saying only best for this product. Check out other opinions:

  • This product is great and works well.
  • Tips are great, and it heats up very fast.
  • It is easy to use this iron.


We recommend Weller WP35, and it is surely one of the best soldering iron on the market; and you can solder and be safe that it will not be damaged for an extended period. Weller WP35 has a fair price. Weller is a fantastic brand, and this product is amazing. With WP35, you can do everything, even PCB soldering, but you should check other reviews on our site if you are looking only for PCB. Use Weller tips because they are durable and reliable. Keep your tips clean, and you should not be afraid of bad soldering moves.

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